M.K. Tolay

An alumnus of REC Kurukshetra, Mohan K. Tolay graduated in 1978 with a degree in Electronics and Communication engineering. He started his career with CDIL, the pioneers of semiconductor manufacturing in India, and worked on products like semiconductor testing equipment, design of rectifier-cum-regulators for motorbikes which were introduced for the first time in India, electronic flashers for two-wheelers along with other electronics for the automobile industry. This was when the entry of electronics into automobile industry was in its infancy. He also worked on switched mode power supplies (SMPS) since their introduction in India for the television market.

In his next job, he was involved in designing and developing a variety of products, such as calculating machines, special purpose calculators with printers, banking calculators, cash registers with kitchen printers etc. in the late '80s. As Vice-President of Research and Development, he was involved in designing and prototyping a variety of electronic products, ranging from an electronic typewriter with bi-lingual support (Hindi and English) to a PC-based cash-register. He also acted as a consultant to many firms, spanning across Europe, USA and India. For this, he has always been abreast with the latest technology in analog, digital and mixed-signal electronics.

His innovation and design skills were evident when he, working independently, developed electromagnetic bone-growth simulators and trans-cutaneous nerve simulators (TNS) at a time when biomedical engineering was virtually unheard of in India.

After joining Monitech Systems Inc., a US based firm, he worked on process monitoring systems, primarily, PC-based grinding cycle monitors, power sensor systems with PC based data-acquisition and other data-acquisition systems. Clients include automobile giants like Ford, General Motors and DaimlerChrysler.

Apart from this, he has many years of expertise in developing customized stored energy (also known as Capacitor Discharge) spot-welding machines for wire-wound resistor industry, battery test equipment, RCD load banks, and electronic load controllers (ELC) for micro-hydro power plants. Mr. M.K. Tolay has been leading the Research and Development team of MAP Electronics since 2006.